Goodbye From Lil Ang

Hey SOFLOW Family,

It has been an adventure being back with Chris Chicago for the better part of this year on his very own radio station. Doing the show with him was my favorite part of the day and had a way of picking me up on my hard days and encouraging me to keep going. Doing the show without him for the past little while has been tough and he has been so missed!

Just writing to let you know that I got a full-time opportunity at one of the stations I’ve worked for since 2017, for the sake of my mental health, I can’t continue to do SOFLOW and still function at the level I want to. 

Reconnecting with our amazing listeners on SOFLOW has been the absolute best and it is really hard to say goodbye (for now.)

Knowing Chris and I though, we always find a way to reconnect and I hope we’ll be able to sometime in the future. ❤️

You’re loved.

Lil Ang

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