Breaking Barriers: Tedashii’s Music in Apple iPhone 14 Commercial Signals a Bright Future for Christian Hip-Hop

Congratulations to Christian hip-hop artist Tedashii, who just had his song “Get Out My Way” featured in the new Apple iPhone 14 commercial! This is a huge step forward for the Christian hip-hop (CHH) genre, which has seen its fair share of struggles in the mainstream music industry.

Some past CHH artists have even gone so far as to claim that the genre is dying, but Tedashii’s placement in the Apple commercial proves otherwise. Not only is it an exciting opportunity for the artist himself, but it also serves as validation for the entire CHH community.

It’s clear that Apple carefully chooses the songs featured in their commercials, always searching for the perfect match. The energy and spirit of Tedashii’s “Get Out My Way” aligns perfectly with the commercial’s theme of a kid running fast on the street. This is not only a great match, but it also gives broad exposure to the CHH genre and Tedashii’s music to a wide audience.

Tedashii has been active in the music industry since 2004, releasing six studio albums and establishing himself as a prominent CHH artist. This commercial placement is a testament to the hard work and talent that he has put into his music over the years.

In conclusion, we in the CHH community should celebrate and congratulate Tedashii for this huge milestone. It’s not only a big step for him, but for the entire CHH genre. This commercial placement represents a step forward in breaking barriers and bringing CHH into the mainstream. This is a true representation that the CHH genre is not dying but indeed continues to grow.

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Chris Chicago